Black History Month

Black History Month, also known as African American History Month, is a national celebration that recognizes the accomplishments of Black Americans throughout history. Locally, this celebration recognizes the countless Black individuals and groups who shaped KC’s cultural institutions, from chronicling their participation in the Great War to the founding of the Negro National League in 1920.

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Check out some of our Kansas City Black Owned Business BELOW!

  • (Black Owned/Woman) Gwendelrae (Gwen) Hicks Northern Star Mortuary CIF NAA8031

Gwen founded Northern Star Mortuary in 2007. When she was 31 she became the first black female owned licensed mortician in the state of Kansas. She is also very involved with KCK’s mortuary program providing young people with the opportunity to gain experience working with her.

  • (Black Owned) Mike Simmons, The Shop Cigar Lounge(Simmons Family LLC) – CIF SAE5078

Mike is a retired KCK police officer. He said that one of his dreams was to open a cigar lounge out in Strawberry Hill. He also started doing a podcast called Strawberry Hill Podcast. The lounge regularly brings in local musicians and singers to perform live. He also brings in local food trucks as well to park outside the lounge.

  • (Black Owned) Lonnie Dobard, Dobard Howard LLC – CIF DAC4013

Lonnie is a young entrepreneur that has his hands in a couple areas. He does estimates on construction commercial construction jobs through his company Dobard Howard LLC. He also has another company High Class Investments where he renovates properties to either sell or hold as long-term rentals. His background is in accounting, which has provided him the foundation to build both of these businesses.

  • (Black Owned) Tim Jones, Jones & Homes Team LLC – CIF JAB0911

Tim is another young entrepreneur that has a real estate company that he just moved into a building in the Argentine area. Last year his team bought and sold 54 homes and they are looking to build upon that number this year. Tim shared with us that he desires to build up minority areas in our community.

  • Tameka Bryant (black, woman-owned business) who started with The Real Estate House, then more recently opened TREH International and TREHA LLC.  She began banking with us in 2015 and is slowly gaining momentum in the real estate industry.